I like many others remind myself throughout the day how fortune I am to have my life situation. Always comparing my problems to the real third world problems. All of my basic needs are met, but from this platform and having this life circumstance additional, equally as real problems arise. There is great pain that comes from our priveledge. It is hard to have so much freedom, the weight that comes with being able to have any opportunity that you want that you can have anything if you just go and work for it.  And the pressure and the guilt and the lack of fufillment that comes with that. And it like a stick and carrot always being waved in our faces. The what is for now what is for later dilema, how much of my life do i enjoy now, ho much do i invest in for the future. I like many feel like time is always chasing me, if I don’t do something great each day, the whole day is shot and I am anxious and shadow feelings arise. And its not even that as citizens of america we are all being caste against each other, we are being cast against ourselves. IN harsh competition of what you could be if you spend all your time working and take every oppotunity that arises. How do you deide, watching movies makes me anxious, I can only justify the time spent watching a tv show if my hands aren’t idle in the mean time. and beyond that we are expereinceing the pain of others suffering in other coutries, whether we realize it or not, we are interconnected. imagine how much happier all people would be if there was no hunger or poverty in the world.


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