Mind- manifesting 

named by linnaeus as theobrominmine 

3 kinds 80- poresteo- easy to grow, not necessarily best tasting – lots in africa

15- hybrid 

5 best- cryoyo 

cultivares that make hybrids to make best cacao 

used as a currency between mayans and aztecs, spanish came and dvalued social currency 

used medicinally- after illness- birth- very high mineral content 

to make chocolate- ground- fermented- roasted 

fermenting and roasting removes- chemical components- need raw

group of methylzanthine- caffeine, theobromine, polyphenol- antioxidants 

two antoxidants- procyanidine- anticoagulant and epicadicane- stimulats nitricoxcide production- vaso dialator- 

trytamine- maoi inhibitor- serotonine (doesnt instantly cross blood brain barrier)

anadamine- endocanaminode system

phenythalamine- one group of psychedelics- effects dopamine and neuropaethrine- metabolized quickly maoi needed for that 

slave labor in africa- proposed to certify that child slave labor wasnt used and lobbied against it


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