Funk, Gasoline, and Holy Water

He flicks from his fingertips a viscosity so thick

Made up of reverence, grit, knownothingness

There’s no escaping it,

a centrifuge of astral splatters

Metallic drips dash from his matter,

coating every witness,

Whether beside him,

aware of what he is

realizing the glory hole/glow

 so they hover in close,

Or just a passerby that he lights on fire 

From only just a glimpse of his shine,

 from the corner of their eye,

now they know


..they can follow their own flame…


Like the only piece drawn in a psychedelic coloring book

he whirls through the pages saturating all the lines

that meet his funk- filled contour

Bringing magic to the grass,

gaps to the masses,

and a gutteral frequency to all of everything


For those pages of required drawings,

That’s leaves a passionate person yawning

where you’re supposed to color in the lines

to show your with the times

made mandatory by the media,

 education system,

the patriarchies

and the mistresses they’ve been dating

depicting Babylon

 and all the things that a Bear would frown upon,

 he deems them unworthy to spin with his guile

So he ignites

The bank, police station, city hall, shopping mall

He twirls past leaving smoking bullet holes,


Eloquence drips from his lips,

birthing from the cosmos her clandestine secrets

Having heeded the message,

rocked it to emboDMTment


he dancemagicdances


With his reality he will serve your own

Giving whatevers inside you a home.

All your cooped up peculiarities, trajectories, and insanities

He will bow to them then give them an alter to rest upon

Then together you will swoon,

 two birds caught in this unfathomable monsoon


He’s not a light fart of a man but an ass ripping genius

No conversation falls short of its reason

To be the magic that connects

And allow your soul to project

And to pay the divine your respect

And to fucking play like your alive damnit


And the forces do pull,

yet his sway is something phenomenal

Hes a tower for whats beautiful

Power to the unusual

And a tidal swell away from what’s monotonous and typical


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