I remember hearing Christine say an anecdote related to a topic in class, that during the period that she worked in a prison, almost all of the females in prison she came in contact with were from low- income environments and the majority were repeat offenders. This displays two critical faults of the current prison system,  people are being deprived of their livelihood due to the place that they live and the lifestyle that comes with living there, if they lived in a different place and had a different lifestyle they would not commit these crimes. It comes from the environmental factors and pressures of living in low- socio- economic areas. Secondly, the prison system isn’t working if it is not creating a change in the person it is trying to reform. We see in the example from the chapter how successful the solution of a do- nothing room was. The support largely came from  the fact it was a student’s idea intended for the use by students. I imagine this was empowering for the students to feel they were the ones to decide on something that was to be a part of their lives. I imagine living with low- income, in a crime- stricken area causes many of  a persons needs not to be met. One of which I would believe would be empowerment. The punitive system intends to exacerbate the already lacking needs to a point that is unendurable enough to force the person to change. But its like spilling out the last drops of a glass that isn’t half full to begin with. Satisfying the needs of the imprisoned people, by working with them to realize what they are and then figuring out strategies to get them met, is intuitively so much more effective. Although if the prison system actually decreased the amount of prisoners it held prisons at the quantity there are today would become obsolete. There is too much money to be made from the prison system, for this to happen. The punitive prison system is a fundamental institution in America, and at this time the consciousness surrounding those that do criminal acts and the best way to be punished is by and large still punitively based. Hopefully, in the near future there will be an increase of NVC- like programs implemented within prison to give the victims some relief from the apathy of the system. 


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