Love- creatures, doing the love- thing, tryin to get there love- needs met

I experience my world through my emotions. I would extend this into a generalization about all humans, but that would be a judgment that I can not make for others.  Before I am able to make any rational sense of a situation, I feel it inside. Emotions are instant. Most people flow through existence constantly being colored by the hue of feelings. An emotion is like a cocktail of intelligence, stirring subconscious awareness, conscious observation, into a unique flavor for that moment. The emotion is the starting point for me. The observation comes second and then the understanding of the feeling and need.

            I’ve been thinking about what ultimately we are needing and I’ve been playing with this idea that maybe humans are just love- creatures. Maybe really ultimately it is all we want. I feel like is not too bold of a statement to make.  And any disconnect any need that is being unfulfilled ultimately could be seen as lack of love. Of course there are finer feelings and needs but it all culminates under this umbrella. But I think all feelings and needs are drops in the ultimate source of love. This idea is not novel, but how I have been viewing situations with it is for me. I’ve started seeing any conflict that arises within or amongst other people as just striving for love. Any pain they are causing each other is their need for love or their pain from the lapse of love. I have been holding this mental representation that the need a person has comes from this ultimate, all- prevailing need. And this is of course a judgment towards others, and it is not necessarily NVC but I have been thinking about it lately so I wanted to reflect on it. I am kind of viewing it as an extension of NVC, for my own personal practice. 


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