Little Diddly: Loving the world begins with yourself

Your life is like a ride in a rocket,

Where you are engulfed in awe

of the earth,  of the stars, of the darkness and light

You have been given the chance to fly through existence

But what about when your capsule is cluttered?

There’s grit on your windshield and its making it murky

What you find to be an electrifying image of space

is but a percent of the picture out of place

You’re trying to see a star through dirt

You can’t see any sights full worth

Real compassion doesn’t show neglect

You aren’t the one it rejects

Clear out your capsule, make it comfortable inside

Clean off the windows, smooth out the ride

You want to experience all the sights

And be in this moment full of delight

To fully love existence, you must love yourself

Let empathy run free in abundance and wealth

Not just for others but cultivate it inside

Ground, center and open your mind

Extinguishing empathy for yourself, makes it colder for others

The burning plastic inside you will leave you smothered

Foster the view that you are your own lover

You are not different from a child, the earth, or your mother

Enrich your life for its own sake

Forgive yourself for your perceived mistakes

Making it wonderful for the world

Will make your happiest life unfurl


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