You have shown me more in 7 hours then I have come to know in 22 years

Its concrete, its conviction

Existence and my existence

I came to you with an inkling of a question

And you showed me, you gave me the answer

Have integrity with your life, there is nothing of value in the haphazard

Be the utmost you, stand behind yourself, know the message you are bringing to the world, stay connected, show up

Looked in the mirror and saw that I am beautiful for the first time in so long

Joy, human joy

We are love- creatures

Our armor and defenses all come from being cut off from love

The heat, the wretched, the purge

Look in the mirror and now I am an alien, defined big lines of pupils

The music is flaming chaos

Bodies writhing together

Strangers coming together as celestial snakes

Buddhist aliens

Burning and purging what prevents us from being The Human

There is only one way to be, no discrepancies

Mama parents her children, she exposes what it is to be in this form

She guides us in ways others were too pained to do

I realize I am young, so, so young with so much to learn

But I know that it is all love, clear lucid love

And gaia and the celestial beings are waiting for us in patience, they know we have potential and they are riding it out till we’re ready to be mature

The plant intelligence will be out instructor in this new age of humanity

She is beckoning us into her love

We’re getting ready we are waking up


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